Naples Community Hospital Files Suit to Block Hospital

NCH Files Lawsuit Opposing Proposed Hospital

Naples Community Hospital, a non-profit hospital, has filed a Petition for Hearing to oppose the State’s recommended approval of Braden Hospital’s application for a Certificate of Need.  Braden filed its application in April 2018 and has retained the law firm of Panza, Maurer & Maynard.  After reviewing the application, the State recommended approval of the Certificate of Need for Braden Hospital on June 1, 2018. Subsequently, Naples Community Hospital filed a lawsuit opposing the recommended approval of the proposed Braden Hospital.  NCH outlined its reasons for opposing the proposed Braden Hospital in a Written Statement of Opposition. Braden Clinic disagrees with the statements and allegations made by NCH and has responded to NCH’s information in detail in the Response to NCH’s Statement of Opposition. The case has been assigned to an Administrative Law Judge who has set it for a hearing in February 2019.  

Infant Death Rate Continues to Rise

The Infant Death Rate in our area has climbed 12% in the last two years while the infant death rate in the Naples area has fallen by 31%. Braden Clinic asserts that the rising infant death rate is a strong reason to support the proposed Braden Hospital.  Braden Hospital will provide medical services in an area to combat the increasing infant death rate.

Roadside Births Continue to Climb

Women living in Eastern Collier County are struggling to bring their children safely into the world.  This graph shows the increasing rate of women giving birth on the side of the road, alone, or in a desperate attempt to make it to a hospital.  Our review of data published by the State of Florida shows that the barriers for women are increasing. From 2014 to 2017, there has been a near 200% increase in the rate of children born prior to arrival at a hospital.  Braden Clinic asserts that the rising rate of births taking place outside of medical facilities is a strong reason to support the proposed Braden Hospital.