Announcing a New Hospital for Ave Maria, Immokalee, and the surrounding communities!

Braden Hospital Update

June 1, 2018

“We are pleased to announce that the Braden Hospital’s “Certificate of Need (CON)” has been approved by Florida’s Agency for Healthcare Administration (ACHA). Although the approval by ACHA can be challenged by other healthcare institutions one more time (a challenge must be filed within 21 days from June 1), it is clear that the Braden Hospital’s application was successful in demonstrating to the state what the residents of Ave Maria and Immokalee have known for a very long time: it is time to build a hospital in Eastern Collier County.

We thank everyone who has helped us reach this important goal and we look forward to forging partnerships with all of the shareholders in the community.
We humbly ask for your continued support as we champion the health needs of our community and as we work towards opening the doors to the new hospital.

Thank you again and we will keep you informed as the project moves forward!

-The Braden Hospital
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